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FloMotion Fitness is a unique training facility where people come together in a non threatening environment, to work towards their personal health, nutrition and fitness goals.

Our humble beginning started at Hal Brady Recreation Park in 2013 with ICE in the Park! In January of 2016 we expanded and are now operating out of a 6000 square foot facility right on highway 441 in Alachua.

We at FloMotion Fitness are about change!  We want to change the way you think about exercise and nutrition!  Today’s society puts so much emphasis on dieting, that we forget food is our fuel!  We need fuel to function at optimum , without fuel our bodies cannot work efficiently.   Are you tired of being tired? Not seeing the results you so desperately work for?  Together at FloMotion Fitness we can help you achieve your goals!

Florine Bush, owner and operator of FloMotion Fitness is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Nutrition.  She is also certified with Metabolic Precision based in Australia as a Metabolic Nutritionist, Transformation Specialist, and Athletic Conditioning Coach.  She is certified as a Level 2 Kettle Bell instructor through Kettle Bell Concepts based out of New York and also holds a certification in Senior Strength Training with the International Weightlifting Association.

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F.I.R.E. Training


F.I.R.E. is Focused Intense Resistance Exercise – The only non-surgical way to change the shape of your body is through resistance exercise!  At FloMotion Fitness our F.I.R.E. Programs are 12 week Periodized Hypertrophy Training programs designed to build and shape the body.  We call it our Body Shaper!

Workouts no longer than 50 minutes!

Just 2 – 3 Workouts a week!

Science-based and research proven!

Create amazing improvements in strength!

Experience rapid change in health and body shape!

No matter what your goal or fitness level!

Small group training for support, motivation and accountability!

We offer our F.I.R.E. programs 3 times a year.  These programs run February thru April, June thru August and October thru December.  The months of January, May and September we offer month long metabolic programs.  These programs are designed to burn fat metabolically with structured circuit training using functional movements and lighter weights.

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Our next F.I.R.E program starts June 6, 2017.

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I.C.E. Group Fitness



I.C.E. stands for Interval Cardio Exercise.  I.C.E. is a science-based approach that maximizes fitness and fat loss.  The research behind the principles of our I.C.E. Training show you can burn up to 3 times more fat during cardio exercise.  Our I.C.E. classes are high intensity interval training classes designed (HIIT) to burn fat.

Classes are structured to optimize calorie expenditure!

Our Instructor designs programs suited for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced!

Exciting, fun, safe results driven workouts!

Exercise in a supportive non-threatening atmosphere!

Be a part of our amazing Community!